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Watertrials or water work, you may call it what you want but it is, and stay's difficult to train your dog in this discipline. As I was lucky that my first dog was a talent of nature I was able to learn a lot from him, and so I tried to gif my knowledge to my two little ones when they came to me after Rufus died.
Quit soon found out that does to where missing the obedience skills that Rufus had and I wend to the obedience classes like I did with Ruphuf. After a will of training on land I found out that the water exercises of Frizo and Gizmo improved a Lot. Frizo became in a short will easer to train for new exercises and Gismo worked fine as long as he understood in witch way he could please me to get something out of the water. Due to examples in other countries I learned that when I wend with the two dog into the water they where much anger to swim with me and had more pleasure in pleasing me whit an retrieval of boot people and dummy's. Later on Gismo stopped doing difficult exercises because he did not understand how he could please me for example with retrieving a boot who was quite far in open water he radar liked to stay with me. I think he is too protective. For Frizo al wend fine and is still trying to become a second Rufus. My conclusion out of my tree dogs and after 2 years of helping in the belgian water trial dog club is that the success of your dog in water trial discipline depends on 4 things
Obedience of your dog.
Will to please of your dog.
At leased a little bit of natural talent.
And A lot of understanding and effort from the owner.


Pictures of Rufus saving my son and me
Pictures of Ushi in action
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