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NEw - Moe SHOW USA - NEW(3 Min)
NEw - Nieuwjaars duik 2007 Kanaal 2 - NEW(5 Min)
Moe high res
Gizmo as a pup (1 Min)
Frizo as a pup (1 Min)
My sons first show (1 Min)
Rescue Movie with Heli (4 Min)
Dogs have Water Fun (3 Min)
Dogs have Water Fun (Small band) (3 Min)
Thaurus on Show (Small band) (3 Min)
Cape-lewisporte Demo Movie (3 Min)
Waterwork (4 Min)
Dogs have Water Fun 1st version (3 Min)
Dag v/d Reddigsclubs (3 Min)
Beste Beesten VTM (6 Min)
Cape-lewisporte Coast Guard 1 Week(30 sec)
Sics Italy helicopter rescue
Is a newfie strong
Have a real-time view of our dogs.


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